construction defect litigation

Litigation by property owners against those responsible for deficiencies in the design and construction of their properties has become a specialized practice area of law dating back to the 1980s, and is now commonly referred to by the courts and legal counsel as “construction defect” litigation.

Williams & Gumbiner, LLC, specializes in the representation of property owners, including businesses, common interest developments and individual home owners, in connection with claims and suits against developers, design professionals, contractors and material manufacturers arising from defective construction.

Mr. Williams has specialized in handling construction defect suits, both on the plaintiff and defense sides, since the 1980s. Based on his substantial experience and as a lecturer on the subject for many years, Mr. Williams has become known as one of the leading construction defect attorneys in the Bay Area.

Mr. Gumbiner as well has substantial experience in construction defect litigation, particularly with respect to the analysis of the defendants’ insurance coverage, which plays a critical role in the outcome of almost all construction suits.

Mr. Williams’ experience in construction defect litigation dates back to his first law firm, where he defended developers and contractors as insurance defense counsel from 1978 through the late 1980s. In the mid-1980s, he was among a handful of Bay Area attorneys who began specializing in construction defect litigation on the plaintiffs’ side.

In 1998, Mr. Williams organized a program for the California Continuing Education of the Bar on current developments in construction defect litigation. This became an annual program for which Mr. Williams wrote the program outlines, brought in panel speakers and also served as a panel speaker through 2012.

Mr. Williams has filed amicus briefs with, and appeared before the California Supreme Court in cases involving construction defects, and has been involved with interested organizations as a speaker and contributing writer.